Page 34-65

I’m not going to go into the details of Mias injuries (or surgery) so lets just say that they’re several and all very bad.

She slips out of the surgery room and as she comes across the waiting room she sees her grandparents and tells us about her Grans hobby of collecting small angels and her belief that animals are reincarnated humans and how the two met.

The next flashback is about her application to the music school Juilliard, how her grandmother encouraged her and her teacher helped her prepare.

Then again, it might also be about her relationship with her grandfather whom steps in and takes her to the audition when her grandma gets injured and sticks to the original plan and takes Mia out for high tea and window shopping.

Now Mias body has been moved to the IntensiveCare Unit (ICU)and she overhears the social worker talking to her grandparents about calling relatives.

This brings her to think of Adam, the boyfriend, and how he’s supposed to hear the news about her.

This is followed by a flashback about how the couple got past that first period of uneasiness and being shy.

Back in present most of Mias relatives has shown up and so does the best friend Kim, starting another memory of how the two girls met and goes from the worst of enemies to the best of friends using their reputation and closeness to avoid getting caught when skipping school or putting the school up for sale, putting up a listing on e-bay and covering the building with signs.

And that’s it for this time, next will pop up shortly!


Page 1-34

In the beginning it seems like a diary as it’s written from an ‘ I ‘ point of wiev and the chapter starts with the headline ‘7.09 a m’.

The reader gets an insight to how the family works and the personalities of the members.

The joking father, happy mother and over-the-top-energetic brother is just the people needed to make it fun.

Now I’m not all that good with geography and don’t really know where Oregon is (well exept from that it is in the US) but that’s where the family lives and, apparently, anything but rain is considered a natural disaster large enough to cancel school.

As the snow melts away not long after the announcement they decide to spend the day with some friends and family.

The old car seems to be ready to fall apart any minute and the chance to withstand the accident that soon is about to happen… Below zero.

How does one avoid a pickup truck going 60 miles an hour straight at you? You don’t.

The car was sent flying, bits and pieces going everywhere.

At first one wonders how on earth Mia got out without knowing it, not getting a single scratch.

Then, my thoughts get occupied with something else, something I never wish to imagine. Brain tissue on the road. It used to belong to Mia’s father Denny.

Moving on, we find the mother Kat. Much less bloody but just as scary, reminding of, as Mia describes it, ”a ghoul from a low-budget monster movie”.

Can it get any crazier?

Well, finding yourself lying with blood all over your body might be just the thing.

Mia’s body is brought into an ambulance and she starts thinking about how she came to play the cello and how she got her own.

When the flashback ends she’s arrived at the hospital where the chopper’s supposed to pick her up and we get to know that her little brother Teddy has survived the crash and is on his way to the hospital too.

While in the chopper that’s heading towards the hospital in Portland another flashback occurs, letting us see the first date she and her boyfriend went to.

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Starting over…

What I am about to say will probably make whoever reads this a tiny bit annoyed.

As much as I adore this book it is impossible to whrite a rewiev about it. The alternate universe, the odd creatures and all the confusion. I’ve done a backgroun check-up athe world this story takes place in and still don’t understand half of it…

Though the language is easy enough to understand the story makes no sense what so ever.

With this I will now change to a much less complicated book and, hopefully, you will understand what’s going on in this one.

The new book is If I Stay by Gale Forman.

Forman is born on the 5th of June, 1970. She’s an American writer for young adults and has written four books so far.

Before she started whritin books she was a writer for Sevevteen Magasine.

The book Sisters in Sanity isher first young adult novel and is based on an article she wrote in Seventeen. It came out in 2007.

The second one is the book I’m reading now and the third is the sequel.

She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and daughter.

It’s about the seventeen-year-old Mia Hall.

She plays cello and is the odd one in the family as her parents used på play Rock’N’Roll and her little brother has his own set of drums.

She’s not very social but has one close friend, Kim, whom she pretty much inseparable with.

In short, a quiet and talented girl.

Adam is her boyfriend who’s one year older  than her and plays the guitar and sings in the band ‘Shooting Stars’.

Mias little brother Teddy is seven years old and a very energetic child.

Anything else? No, don’t think so.

Se ya later!

So the story begins (p. 51-150)

Kvothes childhood… I honestly don’t know wether to sum it up as good or bad. Most would say bad but with the beginning he got I can’t really say so.

As he starts his story it seemed as it was a happy one and I really couldn’t understand how the cheerful little boy became such a closed-up, mysterical man as he is.

Kvothe the boy is truly a genius. At the mere age of eleven he can play the lute and had started the education most don’t until they’re 18, if they ever do so. The fact that he’s so good at everything he does sometimes feels like a small diamond in the shoe you wear – it’s painful but you don’t want to throw it away.

Now, I’m not about to  do a long list of everything his teacher and friend Abenthy thought him as it would take far more time than I have at my disposal.

Now, the one big occurrence that changed his life was his parents faith. The faith of death. And how come? Because his father sings songs about things and people long forgotten and meant to be forgotten.

They and the rest of the troupe are killed when Kvothe are off in the woods to gather firewood and he is left all alone to survive in the wilderness with only a knife, a piece of rope and a lute to help.

This, not so surprisingly, goes rather well. He’s already got a extensive knowledge of plants, knots and how to find water. Sure, he’s getting thinner but he survives, something most eleven-yearolds would not at this day and age.

Between getting food and sleeping he plays on his fathers lute until his fingers bleed and the strings break.

As the third string break it’s no longer possible for him to play and ha decides to try and get to a town to acquire replacements for the broken ones.

On the way the boy meets a farmer and his son who offers to give him a ride and, after realizing that Kvothe has no parents, also to live with them and their families.

At the marketplace he’s told to meet them before sundown if he wishes to take them up on their offer.

As he is walking away to find strings for  the lute he’s thinking of accepting the mas offer.

Now, that would be destroying the story. Instead he gets lost, a group of boys beat him and takes the precious lute. As he finally finds his way back both father and son are long gone.

This, horrible as it is, makes me happy. No, not because I wish to se him in pain but because it’s interesting reading and no doubt the true life of manny orphans through time.

As for his time in the city, it’s dark. Poverty, crimes and cruelty rules the downside and  to survive means to break the laws. Thus, he becomes a pickpocket, learns how to pick locks and beg.

The leader of the gang that robbed him his first day there becomes his archenemy and they meet a few times.

As the last of there pages comes to an end a festival quite like our Halloween is ongoing and he’s been beaten badly. Found by a pair in costumes he is given more than he’s owned for years. A silver coin and a pair of good gloves. Last time he held something like that was before his parents death.

So what will he do with all that money? Well, I’ll just have to keep on reading to find out, don’t I?

Much love from you book-loving Matilda.

To page 50!

Yeah, guess what this one’s about! The title says it all, doesn’t  it’?

 In the beginning we get to se the inn Kote (aka Kvothe) owns and the regular customers in it and as they speak the universe unfolds before us. The way of living, the myths and the state of the world and some of the creatures within it.

The one thing I can really imagine is the “scrael”, a giant spider in the size of a a cart-wheel with razor-sharp legs. I truly wish that I couldn’t do, my feelings for spiders are less than pleasant and something that big… Ohh, I shiver at the thought of it.

A little later we get to know Chronicler the scribe and how he loses almost all of his belongings. The best way of describing him would be as ‘a gentleman with bad luck’. One could also say sly and stupid all in the same time.

His attitude towards the robbers is surprisingly lighthearted but later on seeing how he’d hidden money a little bit here and there all aver his body and hearing his reasoning I have to admit he does have quite a clever head.

And why do we find this person you ask? because he’s the very reason we get to hear the story of the man who became Kote the innkeeper.

Kvothe is just about to start his story as the 50th page ends.

Stay tuned for the story of a man to perfect to be true.

Character Presentation

This is the story about Kvothe.

He’s a mysterious, red-haired man with the knowledge of a hundred but other than that not many facts have come up.

He’s the owner of an inn in a small village and has only one worker except himself, the carefree younger man Bast.

As he starts telling his story to Chronicler more of his past will unfold and the reader will slowly get to know the man telling his story.

Due to this, there is no more to say so far.

About P. Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss was born in Wisconsin at June 6th 1973.

He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 1999 and during his time at the university he’s been writing several times in the campus paper ‘The Pointer’.

He’s written 4 books  so far, 3 of them belonging to the same story and one more is on the way to join them.

The series are named The KingKiller Chronicle

All of the books are in the fantasy genre.

He works as a college lecturer at his old university.